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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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800 m
11:59.58Yekaterina KupinaRUS2 Feb 86172/591Belgorod3 Feb
22:00.26Nataliya LupuUKR4 Nov 87172/621ECGöteborg3 Mar
32:00.31Alena GlazkovaRUS6 May 881h3NCMoskva12 Feb
42:00.32Svetlana KaramashevaRUS24 May 882h3NCMoskva12 Feb
52:00.90Yelena KotulskayaRUS8 Aug 881h4NCMoskva12 Feb
62:00.97Marina PospelovaRUS23 Jul 90164/531h1NCMoskva12 Feb
72:01.02Jenny MeadowsGBR17 Apr 81156/481s1ECGöteborg2 Mar
82:01.21Maryna ArzamasovaBLR17 Dec 87173/573ECGöteborg3 Mar
92:01.32Ayvika MalanovaRUS28 Nov 92167/552h1NCMoskva12 Feb
92:01.32Olha LyakhovaUKR18 Mar 92174/573s1ECGöteborg2 Mar
112:01.43Yekaterina PoistogovaRUS1 Mar 91175/651Governor CupNovocheboksarsk12 Jan
122:01.56Olga LvovaRUS21 Sep 891h2NCMoskva12 Feb
132:01.64Selina BüchelSUI26 Jul 91168/554s1ECGöteborg2 Mar
142:01.66Svetlana CherkasovaRUS20 May 78171/552h2NCMoskva12 Feb
152:01.93Malika AkkaouiMAR25 Dec 87160/461Val-de-Reuil12 Feb
152:01.93Yelena SobolevaRUS3 Oct 822h4NCMoskva12 Feb
172:02.00Natoya GouleJAM30 Mar 91160/501NCAAFayetteville AR9 Mar
182:02.18Svetlana RogozinaRUS26 Dec 92165/523h2NCMoskva12 Feb
192:02.22Irina MarachevaRUS29 Sep 841h5NCMoskva12 Feb
202:02.27NRLuiza GegaALB5 Nov 88166/561Pireás10 Feb