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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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One Mile
14:27.02NRSheila ReidCAN2 Aug 89166/521MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
24:28.25AJRMary CainUSA3 May 96170/502MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
34:28.79Kate GraceUSA24 Oct 883MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
44:29.86Emma CoburnUSA19 Oct 90173/554MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
54:30.03Abbey D'AgostinoUSA25 May 92159/485MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
64:30.50Hilary StellingwerffCAN7 Aug 81160/486MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
74:31.08Amanda WinslowUSA10 Dec 902NCAAFayetteville AR9 Mar
84:31.26Sarah BrownUSA15 Oct 86170/527MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
94:31.50Emily InfeldUSA21 Mar 90163/488MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
104:31.65Nicole SifuentesCAN30 Jun 86173/572New BalanceNew York NY26 Jan
114:31.75 OTGeena LaraUSA18 Jan 87167/571Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
124:32.10 OTCory McGeeUSA29 May 92168/522Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
134:32.26 OTNRNatalija PiliuĊĦinaLTU22 Oct 90170/603Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
144:33.06 OTLauren JohnsonUSA4 May 87170/524Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
154:33.53 OTRebecca TracyUSA20 Feb 911WilsonNotre Dame IN2 Mar
164:33.88Yelena SobolevaRUS3 Oct 821Orenburg1 Feb
174:34.06Svetlana KaramashevaRUS24 May 882Orenburg1 Feb
184:34.19Jillian KingUSA21 Mar 901Boston MA14 Feb
194:34.30Anna ShchaginaRUS7 Dec 91166/543Orenburg1 Feb
204:34.59Heather WilsonUSA13 Jun 904New BalanceNew York NY26 Jan