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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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400 m
145.15NRDeon LendoreTTO28 Oct 92179/751h1SECFayetteville AR23 Feb
245.64Mike BerryUSA10 Dec 91184/732h1NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
345.66NRPavel MaslákCZE21 Feb 91176/671ECGöteborg3 Mar
445.67Hugh GrahamJAM10 Oct 92184/752SECFayetteville AR24 Feb
545.72Errol NolanJAM18 Aug 91178/731h2NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
645.82AJeremy WarinerUSA31 Jan 84183/701NCAlbuquerque NM3 Mar
745.92Pat FeeneyUSA29 Dec 91188/823h1NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
845.97Najee GlassUSA12 Jun 94183/732h2NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
946.00Pavel TrenikhinRUS24 Mar 86187/771s2ECGöteborg2 Mar
1046.02Vernon NorwoodUSA10 Apr 92187/771Tyson InvFayetteville AR8 Feb
1146.07Brian GreganIRL31 Dec 89190/851AAIGAthlone27 Jan
1246.09Anton KokorinRUS5 Apr 87186/773rBNCAAFayetteville AR9 Mar
1346.14Akheem GauntlettJAM26 Aug 901Fayetteville AR1 Mar
1446.21Nigel LevineGBR30 Apr 89175/682ECGöteborg3 Mar
1546.22Richard StrachanGBR18 Nov 86175/731h3BirmGBirmingham2 Feb
1646.23AJarrin SolomonTTO11 Jan 86173/731KirbyAlbuquerque NM8 Feb
1746.25Brycen SpratlingUSA10 Mar 92175/681Nat InvUniversity Park PA26 Jan
1846.26David VerburgUSA14 May 91168/641h2Coll InvNew York NY1 Feb
1946.30Tabarie HenryISV1 Dec 87185/751TAMU ChallCollege Station TX26 Jan
2046.34Quentin Iglehart-SummersUSA15 Jun 872TAMU ChallCollege Station TX26 Jan
Oversized track
 45.83David VerburgUSA14 May 91168/641SPIRE InvGeneva OH9 Feb
 45.92Brycen SpratlingUSA10 Mar 92175/681WilsonNotre Dame IN2 Mar
 46.05Chris GiestingUSA10 Dec 92191/801rBWilsonNotre Dame IN2 Mar
 46.07Stephon PamiltonUSA18 Sep 911Big 10Geneva OH23 Feb
 46.23Brunson MillerUSA10 Feb 912WilsonNotre Dame IN2 Mar
 46.25Nick EfkampUSA19 Sep 921Big 12Ames IA24 Feb
 46.31Carvin NkanataUSA6 May 91183/733SPIRE InvGeneva OH9 Feb