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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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Triple jump
117.70Daniele GrecoITA1 Mar 89184/751ECGöteborg2 Mar
217.30Ruslan SamitovRUS11 Jul 91187/772ECGöteborg2 Mar
317.17Marian OpreaROU6 Jun 82190/801NGPBucureşti25 Jan
417.16ARDong BinCHN22 Nov 88179/671NGPNanjing7 Mar
517.12Aleksey FyodorovRUS25 May 91184/733ECGöteborg2 Mar
617.02Viktor KuznetsovUKR17 Jul 86192/804ECGöteborg2 Mar
716.98Dimítrios TsiámisGRE12 Jan 82178/671Pireás10 Feb
816.96Bryce LambUSA9 Nov 90183/801NCAAFayetteville AR9 Mar
916.94Harold CorreaFRA26 Jun 88190/781NCAubière16 Feb
916.94Gaetan Saku BafuangaFRA22 Jul 911Metz24 Feb
1116.87Tosin OkeNGR1 Oct 80178/771NCSheffield9 Feb
1216.86Benjamin CompaoréFRA5 Aug 87189/861Val-de-Reuil2 Feb
1316.84Yuriy KovalyovRUS18 Jun 911-22NC-jVolgograd24 Feb
1416.83Karl TaillepierreFRA13 Aug 76176/672NCAubière16 Feb
1516.80Omar CraddockUSA26 Apr 91178/792NCAAFayetteville AR9 Mar
1616.73Fabian FlorantNED1 Feb 83176/731Tyson InvFayetteville AR9 Feb
1716.70Zlatozar AtanasovBUL12 Dec 89191/771NCDobrich15 Feb
1816.67Yevhen SemenenkoUKR17 Jul 84178/671NCSumy14 Feb
1816.67Aliaksei TsapikBLR4 Aug 881Univ ChGomel16 Feb
2016.65Michele BoniITA2 Apr 81194/861Ancona19 Jan