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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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5000 m
113:07.00ARLopez LomongUSA1 Jan 85178/671New York NY1 Mar
213:12.00Chris DerrickUSA17 Oct 90180/642New York NY1 Mar
313:23.68Andrew BumbaloughUSA14 Mar 87173/643New York NY1 Mar
413:25.38Kennedy KithukaKEN4 Jun 891NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
513:30.24Diego EstradaMEX12 Dec 89180/612NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
613:33.22Elliott HeathUSA4 Feb 894New York NY1 Mar
713:33.37Evan JagerUSA8 Mar 89186/665New York NY1 Mar
813:35.46Matt TegenkampUSA19 Jan 82185/666New York NY1 Mar
913:38.57 OTKevin WilliamsUSA14 Apr 901Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
913:38.57 OTShadrack KipchirchirKEN22 Feb 89175/602Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1113:38.58 OTAnthony RotichKEN1 Jan 92165/593Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1213:38.71 OTMaverick DarlingUSA9 Jun 894Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1313:39.29 OTAndrew PooreUSA3 Dec 881WilsonNotre Dame IN1 Mar
1413:39.35 OTJeramy ElkaimUSA25 Dec 92180/645Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1513:40.28Girma MechesoUSA16 Jan 88162/503NCAAFayetteville AR8 Mar
1613:40.39 OTLuke CaldwellGBR2 Aug 91173/616Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1713:40.43 OTMohammed AhmedCAN5 Jan 91175/617Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
1813:41.67 OTElliot KrauseUSA12 Jun 902WilsonNotre Dame IN1 Mar
1913:41.97 OTJared WardUSA9 Sep 888Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb
2013:42.15 OTStanley KebeneiKEN6 Nov 89170/619Husky ClassicSeattle WA8 Feb