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2013 World Indoor Top 20

Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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One Mile
13:50.92Galen RuppUSA8 May 86180/611TerrierBoston MA26 Jan
23:51.21Lopez LomongUSA1 Jan 85180/681MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
33:51.34Matthew CentrowitzUSA18 Oct 89173/612MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
43:52.10Ciarán Ó LionáirdIRL11 Apr 883MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
53:52.98Chris O'HareGBR23 Nov 904MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
63:54.56Lawi LalangKEN15 Jun 915MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
73:54.89Ryan HillUSA31 Jan 906MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
83:55.55Garrett HeathUSA3 Nov 85178/657MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
93:55.97Ryan GregsonAUS26 Apr 90183/648MillroseNew York NY16 Feb
103:56.04Richard PetersGBR18 Feb 901Boston MA14 Feb
113:56.12 OTAndrew BumbaloughUSA14 Mar 87173/641Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
123:56.14 OTEvan JagerUSA8 Mar 89180/662Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
133:56.25Riley MastersUSA5 Apr 901Tyson InvFayetteville AR8 Feb
143:56.28Pat CaseyUSA23 May 901RazorbackFayetteville AR26 Jan
153:56.35Will LeerUSA15 Apr 85184/702BIGBoston MA2 Feb
163:56.41 OTDonn CabralUSA12 Dec 893Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
173:56.85Craig MillerUSA3 Aug 87185/723BIGBoston MA2 Feb
183:57.11 OTRobby CreeseUSA30 Aug 934Husky ClassicSeattle WA9 Feb
193:57.14 OTMichael AtchooUSA16 Aug 911MPSFSeattle WA23 Feb
203:57.22David McCarthyIRL3 Aug 882TerrierBoston MA26 Jan